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Give your patrons the unmatched service


You/Your Customers can fill the schedule and then manage it all from one screen. Add, modify, pre-book and check out any appointment with just a few clicks.


clients can easily see when you have an opening for an appointment—and book instantly, too.

All thanks to our AI driven contact matching Software Now Booking an Appointment is just a few clicks away

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Real Time Tracking

Real Time & Automated Inventory & expense Tracking System

Salon owners can leave their worries behind with regard to abuse of inventory and cash handling can control the ever growing recurring expenses that drain out profits.

Collect Payment Seamlessly with GST Ready Accounting system


We are the first and one of its kind that provide POS integration with payment in salon business


Clients can pay online immediately after they book the service or wait until they arrive & then pay

Online Payment
HR and Payroll

Manage HR & Payroll


Each staff member gets a unique login, so they can check their schedules from anywhere.


Track staff member’s punctuality & performance by the number of clients they bring in, the amount of retail they sell and all this and more determines in processing the payroll for each staff.

AI Driven Appointment Software on Planet

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